Himalayan Odyssey VIII painful, monotonous, beautiful, agony, focus, concentration, headache, fast, laid back

Sarchu To Rumtse

One of my close friend told me I do things in excess. I though, yeah right, I do. I go a long way to really understand before I make decision or do things which make it look like excess. Yeah I hear some of you thinking of what am I am thinking in a solitude in a desolate land and realized I could have ridden to anywhere till I was dead or till I was with sense. I was so numb and free of any baggage with me. :)

That is when I caught fever and had to take medicine to put it down.

That same feeling like when we were kid.

These are some of the feeling that you can't explain even when you understand them completely. The day passed on almost with a talk of startup with fellow rider and sleeping where

Shaibal telling me I did not zip the tent completely, I never knew If I could zip them. we felt the chilly Himalayan wind throughout the night.

The feeling of monotonicity creeped in. The pain turned onto something I can live for a while.

It was a sunken feeling that I was going to reach destination and I dreaded it.

the bike ride was never so monotonous. i was driving driving suddenly very fast and the next moment at ants speed. what's going on.

I hate destinations :( love the journey :)