Himalayan odyssey III 100KMPH

Driving out of New Delhi onto the highway was some short of relief from the traffic that early morning. Trip has started I said to myself and then thought of the re-grouping points KD had told in the last evening briefing. Rasoi dhabba first one just around 59 Km from Delhi. We drove in slow pace and were mostly in groups and reached the dhaba pretty soon. I had 2 parantha and tea, there's something really good of Punjabi dhaba on how they make food. The stomach full and all set to ride in summer heat. I remember Sachin saying last evening " Your stomach and tank should always be full". The sun was going over the head and the temperature rising, I rode at around 60-70 Kmph I reached the next re-group at karnal. It was a royal enfield showroom, we had refreshment and badly needed water. Now I understood why all guys were carrying a camelbak. Reaching there I saw most of the biker already there, now how fast are these guys driving is what was going through my mind. I should be traveling a little faster I thought and when we started from the re-grouping I started zipping very fast trying to be in company of fast ride and man we would be riding somewhere at 100-105 KMpH. The speed made us reach Ambala very soon where we had another round of refreshments. I saw we were only a few riders, now I was driving normal. I had never driven my bullet so fast in the last two years so this was the first adrenaline pumping ride. We had to wait for all the riders to turn up at the re-grouping from where we had to go directly to the hotel for the night stay. We started in 2x2 formation again so that we do not get lost in Chandigarh. Chandigarh was pretty beautiful city. We stopped at hotel where the first thing to get done was get the bike serviced. I checked the bike and the only thing bothering me was the self start which was gone. I asked KD if that could cause problem, he said no. So carried onto hotel room. I was very tired the hot sun has taken its toll on me. I planned to sleep of the evening when my cell rang. It was KD asking me if I wanted we could get the self fixed and asked me to come down at the service camp, where this time I thought against getting that fixed. this was the third time of not using it properly it was the Gati courier guys who screwed this up. As soon I turned back Sachin asked me what's the problem I told him the self is gone and I don't want to get a new one. He asked to get the self removed "that would make your kick easier to use". I jumped on the idea and went to the service station to get this done and I got a chance to drive around Chandigarh. It was a calm evening with heat very much in the bearable range. The removal of self really made the kick smooth but ther was no respite for the horn. Yes I was driving without the horn at 100+ K mph on the highway.

Came back at around 9 after roaming around lazily and had Hyderabad biryani, goodness me !!! Time to retire early to bed as we had to wake up at 4 again. Waking up early wasn't a problem anymore since I was looking forward to the day. Overall the day marred with punjabi parantha, high temperature, high speed riding.

KD's message said "bike service will be setup @0500 hrs. check your bikes and get pending work done. Goodricke will setup hot tea @ parking @ 0500 hrs Truck loading @ 0530 Breakfast @ 0530. We ride at 0630"


  1. would you please explain me what urged you to have a "Hyderabad biryani" in Chandigarh? Did not you find anything better in menu?


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