Himalayan odyssey - II Salute and Ride On

This Ride was to be flagged off at 7:30 from India Gate. There could not be a more appropriate place to start a journey of adventure and self-discovery.

I got up early at 4 O'clock in the morning, packed my luggage got into the riding gear. This was first time when I was wearing a riding gear and it seemed funny at that point since I wasn't going on a racing or something. Only very later in my trip I realized what a life saver these are.

I carried my saddle bag which had all the essential I would need on a trip and another luggage which I can keep in the lorry traveling with us carrying our luggage. The scene in the parking lot was awesome, there were some bullets roaring, rider chatting about the upcoming trip , some fixing their bags on the bike. This was different I have never seen so many ways of carrying your luggage on the bike. I had never carried one myself so was confused on how to tie the saddle bag I was carrying. Yeshwant was getting his bike ready at that time, he saw me struggling with the bags so he came over and taught me how to tie them around and man It looked pretty neat. Helping fellow riders was one thing that I will never forget out of this trip. You are all bunch of 60 odd riders from different parts of country barely knowing each other forget remmembering eveyone's name, but you do one thing help your fellow rider when he is trouble.

All set with the bike and luggage we waited for KD to signal us for drive to India gate. We were told in last eveuing briefing that we would we riding in strict 2X2 formation in cities. We got a little time for out chit chat and few Introduction. I saw Raja parked his bike along with me, I say he was by far the most known guy from his posts to the groups forum. After a little while it was time to ride, time to pay homage at India gate and time to start "The Journey" .

We reached India gate against the humming chants of lama's praying for the well being of the riders in the trip. The place was complete exotic there were media guys fanatically clicking photos, bullet riders from delhi, people who came for morning walk and stopped to look on the bullets and the RE guys.

I strayed into the place and wandered around looking at India gate and reading its walls where I missed the group photograph :( . We had introduction with Major General R.K. Sanan, Commander, Technical Group, EME and then was the time for Flag off.

60 odd Royal Enfield Bullets roaring for the adventure is a sight you get to see very few time in life and that unexplainable in words. Lucky we had a video of it


  1. great kick off...amuse has just begun....and I can foresee the disporting experience in coming posts....bring them on... :)

  2. If there is any heaven anywhere, its there and you guys have come back to hell again. Whyyyyyyyyyy?

  3. Hi Mate That's Awesome... Enjoyed reading your post. That's for sure a terrific experience.Keep Blogging.

  4. Just awesome .. Keep blogging ... Desperately waiting for the next post ..

  5. really i remember u were too busy with all luggage packing in the morning.. i knew that morning this will be ur trip of life time... good way of writing .. u make the story interesting..complete ur whole story fast..


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