8 people in a Alto

Trip to : Pondicherry
Occasion : Giri's Marriage

This was one hell of a long ride/drive I have done. Getting numb at some point. Well Giri invited us to join him on his marriage in pondicherry and we were looking at a long trip ahead of us. We had two cars and lots of people to travel. Pondicherry being a tourist destination we all wanted to go. So we decided. Anand , Mahesh , Rajeev in my car. Other one was a family car with Anurag and Sunil with their respective family. The rest unfortunately had to board the train.

This trip was discussed a lot in advance in cafeteria with Yesu scaring people riding in my car since I drove a little to fast. Though Anand and Rajeev had faith you start thinking!!! funny part they were always ready to drive in my car. We started of to the Journey we had to take a weird road to get to the golden quadrilateral which runs through Calcutta to Chennai. We has started of in the afternoon /evening. On to the deserted roads with very little traffic. We ( sorry I ) was supposed to drive through night to reach Chennai in morning. This is the place were we hit our first excitement. I was driving on at a pretty decent speed of 90-100 other just disagree they always think i drive at 200 K mph. The road looked quite black with no light and no traffic and then out of a sudden it looked unusual to be so black and a high beam light from other side made it even more looked black . I stood up on the brake thinking what an I gonna hit. It was a hay loaded truck with nothing to display at back. I checked on the damage which was a small dent on the car hood. Rajeev was s hooked away from his sleep and then he never slept for the entire journey.

By early morning we hit the 8 lane road and started flying. Entry to chennai was tough with the traffic around but we eventually managed to hit he ECR, one of the highlight of the trip. It was already 12 PM and we needed rest, I called up Kundan since he was based in Chennai those days. We had a couple of beer and lunch. Parted way with Kundan and the headed off to pondicherry on the ECR road, a amazing ride with sea on one side and smooth tarmac. We reached pondicherry at 3 PM. Other batch of colleagues had already reached there Arindam , Abhinash. Sundar and rest, So whats the plan was everybody asked I said beer and we had a crate of beer from around the corner shop. Arindam did the fantastic shopping and then came the big questions. If you guys came for drinking here why did you get us. Dont ask me who said you can look for first paragraph to figure out :) So I took the all to sea facing restaurant( sea rock ) Yeah I know since I visited pondy earlier with Ashutosh. We had a great time there and then it was time for Giri's reception. Man it was fun seeing Giri getting married.

After which we went back to the beach road to sit down talk and have fun. The family car went back feeling tired the other stayed and hung around with some leftover beers. After a while of chatting it started to rain and man heavily, not a since place to hide and then how to reach back was one concern. Everyone bumped into the Alto I still dont believe how can 8 people get in a small Alto. I rode the car back to hotel with 8 people yeah that true.

The next day we had to start early Anurag had to visit the US consulate in morning. The drive back was pretty much with audio and chats with smoke and sutta on way. except we found a bihari dhaba on way back . that was sumptuous. I tried waking up otherwise sleepy passenger by racing against inova and ford.

In the end we were all back home safe to tell the story to Yesu.

Thanks to Giri for a wonderful trip. Hope you read it!!


  1. While we were enjoying on beach and all of a sudden heavy rain started, everyone rushed towards alto, all people rushed in while Sundar sir was still searching for door to get in, finally Abinash grabbed his a** in and started beating him for keeping us waited instead heading to hotel. I have seen almost all dimensions of geometry, the way people were in alto :)

    That was the memorable part of that memorable trip. Thanks Giri, Shantanu and Team.

  2. You guys are just "awesome".You all made our day very special.You have no idea how happy we were.I am not sure if i can reciprocate this in anyways going forward, but one thing for sure i will never forget you guys till my lifetime.You guys did shake your legs on the stage which was great fun :-)
    Last but not the least, thanks shane for sculpturing my name too in your wall of fame :-).I am honoured.


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