What do you remember from your engg course ?

I remember a bike ride to GRS water park in mysore to bunk a exam. Although this is not the only thing I remember but this was funny.

It was just another night in Vijaynagar Bangalore though with a exception that we had exams the next morning CS had Microprocessors , EC had ( I don't remember). I know this since most of the friend staying in Vijaynagar were either in CS or EC. All of us were drenched in reading for the exams , I went off for a regular routine those days, Drive to Harish House wake him up go to Majestic get the regular dose of smoke and chai.

Generally we would discuss a lot of things during out chai trip like career , study , Bangalore but this time we were planning. A get away from exams and the trouble of reading all night. So we went back to Anand's house. His place was the same people preparing for exams. then as you say in hindi " bato bato mein" we started planning to go to Mysore, in the start it just looked as we were trying to diffuse the stress / tension of exam but wait we are actually serious now.

"We don't have enough Bike" exclaimed Anand. "How many do we need" asked Harish and soon we were in Indra nagar at 3 in morning to wake harish dental college friends to loan a bullet for a day.

Ok so last minutes question were doing the round before we start for GRS. few of them " are we sure we are going ?" "do we have enough money for all of us?" Brushing aside all the question we started on our way to mysore. We had almost all types of bike, Hero honda cd100, caliber , pulsar , cbz , bullet , fiero this was kind of colorful on highway.

Mysore Road was good and quite and as we passed through are college I heard somebody yelling " Man we have a exam today". The thirst to run away from exams made us bike faster towards mysore. We stopped every 15-30 minutes for chai-sutta and by 8 We were at GRS gate by 8 am.

We went to park the bike and the pillion riders to get the tickets. Here comes the first problem on way, the park opens at 11, we would have to wait till then. This was a problem since none of us has slept in the night and now we have to kill 3 hrs it looked like "giving a exam".

We managed to finally kill the time and it was time to get in. The rest of the day was fun in water games and all the rides, it was 4 PM when we thought ok now we are tired let get back home.

Everybody agreed and we were out of park on to the highway by 6 PM.

We started seeing the fatigue come after night drive and day full of physical activity but then we were in college. We thought in another 2-3 hrs we will be back to home and sleeping peacefully for a free Sunday.

Somebody said what you get in life is all balanced. I am not so sure of Life but in this trip fun vs pain was equal.

As soon as we reached Mandya it started raining heavily or rather excessively. We had no option but to stop. "Oh crap where did this come from it was bright clear sky in the day" somebody said. We waited patiently for the rain to stop and get back on way home.

But god had other plans for us, the rain continued for an hour and we started losing our patience. We started the bike and then thought of going back home drenched. Bangalore was still a 100 Kms away. we were ok to drive in the rain but the wind wasn't allowing us. My bike was tilted while driving because of the strong winds. We had no options but to stop again.

After waiting for another hour we gathered some courage to drive back as where we were stranded was just a bus stop on a highway and no lights to be seen to a distance.

We had a couple of problem for which we needed some solution. We weren't wearing helmet so we had to rely in squint views, which could lead us down the highway road and eventual fall. Lucky we had Sidharth who had a helmet so he would use his wiser against rain to see properly and the rest of the bike will follow th tail lamp of preceding bike. the solution for not steering out of highway was left to the pillion rider who would warn if we were dangerously close to the road edge.

All agreed we started off on small speed of 40-60 and it worked out, we were in Ramnagar in a dhaba drying ourselves out of tandoor fire sipping hot tea. The contrast to the bus stop was huge.

We reached home dead tired, mind completely switched off. But it had to think. Think about a reason to give for entire group to bunk the exam and then Explaining why we were at GRS. Yeah the teachers knew because one of them was in GRS that day and saw us having fun.


  1. Great blog yaar ... How u remember every bit of info .. thats amazing .... You have taken us all to a time machine ride ..


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