A trip out of no where

This trip is a little hazing in the mind. In the first place I didn't even remember that I had this till Sattu reminded me.

When was this I guess in start of early 2005 or later 2004. We were having a usual party at our rented vijaynagar house. Sharan , harish , sattu , pratik , suparn, rajesh and me. The party in general would be having drinks , rock music and hot chip's snacks.

The party was going good till somebody challenged me "Shantanu seems you have the ability to plan a trip anytime anywhere". And then you had travel agents cursing me for waking them up at 3 in morning. After a bit of hustling and bustling we got a travera. So where do we go ? "mekedatu" sharan suggested. That's it !!! exclaimed sattu. Ah but by the time we called for cab and the cab reaching our door half of the people are into their sleep.

They have to sacrifice their sleep today. They had supported a challenge and guys then started getting up cursing in sleepy voice.

We were on way a couple of beer was spared and cigg supported us, other were asleep as fast as they got up to get in cab. It took us 3 and half hours to reach the place. Guys woke up to weary eyes and looked out it was 6:30 in morning and sun was settling in. We need breakfast I am hungry was Raje's concern. OK so what do we have to get food. Ah this looks like deserted place with a small hut open. we ordered some dosa's. I wasn't sure how they cook that as there wasn't any amenities to cooks it. but any how got a dosa to feast on.

Whew!! we made a plan at 3 in morning and are finally somewhere, let's now figure out where are we.

So I see a river or is it just a stream with muddy looking water. No it river man it summer so has dried up, i was somebody explaining from the back. So what do we do ? Let swim the other side it looks clean. Right, but the water is cold. This caused a lot of water splashing and every body getting wet. It was past two hour that we realized it getting hot and we need to go to mekedatu. Thats a hill cliff from two side and water gushing in between with lot of speed.

And guess what we got a bus top to travel to the place with trees and branched hitting us from all sides. We reached mekedatu screaming on top of bus. where we had to calm down figuring fellow traveler will get irritated. The place was awesome with climbing rock. some of them closer to the ravines and people scared of the danger which me sattu sharan and pratik only overcame.

After climbing back to bus stand it looked like we had our share of fun and was time to go back. The trip back was all sleeping in the cab pretty non-adventure against our experience.

Awesome fun!!!

PS: we had a swim but never had a spare piece of cloth remember we came without a plan.