Go Goa

Goa formed part of the Mauryan Empire in the 3 rd century BC under Chandragupta Maurya whose capital was Patliputra.

It must have been in subconscious mind when I was traveling to Goa for the first time. We were in our first semester of our engg. and had a long weekend ahead for Dusshera. I was trying to plan out for goa but as usual it took a lot of convincing from my end for our kengeri folks to get ready for it.

It was a common affair for my freinds in other colleges to come over to my house on long wekends either to save themselves from Seniors or just chillax. Manish was one of them visiting me that weekend from tumkur. little did he know that we were already planning for Goa.

Ok, its decided we are going to goa. So what if we have only 7000 Rs and we are 6 people, me , rajesh, supran, summit, sudhir and manish. Manish had just arrived in bangalore and was on a bus to kengeri unaware of the plot. I said it 9 PM we can pack up in 30 minutes by then Manish will be on the bus stop and we can take him back to Majestic for the train which was supposed to be at 10:30 PM. Every body hurried on and we were a little exited little nervous anxiously waiting for manish to arrive. He arrived at 10:35 and there was a bus back in another 5 minutes. He was a little surprised seeing all of us at the bus stop with bags. We shocked him with our plan made on fly which he didn't believe till we wre on our bus to Majestic. We took almost an hour to reach the railway station. "We are late" was playing on everybody's mind for the train. Some were happy some nervous. Sudhir ran for the tciket counter asking for ticket to Londa. The person on the ticket counter said casually that we are late and the train is signalled to leave. Sudhir got a little impatient he asked him to give him ticket on his risk. After which we ran for our life leaving on the platform 11 , yeah the irony that far away.

Sighting our train the platform from the foot over bridge we sighed a sense of relief, but not for long as it started as soon as we touched the platform. we somehow managed to get in the train in time. Caounted that everybody is in we shouted in euphoria of the battle just won against time. And as soon as the euphoria dried out we saw the reality.. the train was crowded for the general compartment image. Supran was smart he had packed up the food we cooked which we never had time to eat along with that he had packed a few newspaper. This came in handy we spread the newspaper on the floor and sat down.

I was little tired of the entire planning and running scheme. I found some space and slept off while friends took to playing cards.

I woke up in morning and found myself on the wooden seats sleeping peacefully. My freinds shifted me on the seats when it was freed in Hubli. I lazily saw outside of the window the train was at still on some station. I tried finding what station we reached and since the general boggies would stand way behind the actual station platform, I wasn't able to figure out. But then for a few seconds my eyes got stuck to a board which read " sub engg office western railways Londa" I shouted in restlessness "Guys let jump off we are at londa". cards flew bedsheets cover were snapped and we jumped off the train on to muddy platform cursing the govt on creating small platform.

Wow that was fast, finally we are close to Goa. Ok now we need to goa what do we do ? we asked a couple of peole on the platform who suggested taking a bus to goa. We directly went to bus stand searching for a bus to goa. But wait... there no bus which says its going to goa. Some have name plate saying vasco, madgaon, panjim etc. How do we go to goa? then we decided lets go to Vasco that was the name of the place in goa in the movie "Josh" Lets go there. We hoped on the bus to Vasco.

There was a stark contrast between the bus and the surrounding, which was overwhelming . The view was enchanting out of the window and the inside was humid, sweaty and filthy after a night ride on general compartment.

We reached Vasco in around 2 hours sat in the bus stand cafeteria and had a sumptuous breakfast. Now we are ready to explore goa right so where should we start with ? "let go to the beach" said somebody. Ok we found that we could walk to the beach bogmalo or something. The scene we got in the beach was pathetic in the sense that it indescribable, filthy bad and sick. Frustrated we started to think of picture postcards and thought how different is the reality. Saddened by our discovery we went back to bus stand and then we made a plan to go to Panjim the capital of goa and decide then after.

The trip to Panjim was silent and then there was fatigue overcoming us. We reached panjim in evening and things started to look up for a moment. The bus stand looked like a flee market with agents trying to convince us for accommodation and sightseeing. We finally got a deal 2 rooms for Rs 400. We took the pamphlet as well of what to see in goa.

We started at the same night for a boat ride on river mandovi , next morning to calungute , next day to vagator/anjuna , next to that to Mayhem Lake . then Miramar beach for sunset , old goa for all the church and we ended up with 1000 Rs in cash.

Ok we still have a day to spare but we are running short of cash again. We decide to go to madgaon to catch a train back and soon disocvered the train is in afternoon we have a night and a morning to pass. We decide to sleep at railway station and visit the Colva beach in morning the only golden sand beach in Goa. Sudhir in meantime
parted way for change in plan.

Rajesh and I couldn't forget the walk on the Anjuna beach. Supran shared his one bottle of beer with all his friend at the calangute beach, so humble of him.

We went back to the college with friends wondering that either we were tanned or we came out of a coal mine.